Happy Birthday Mr Giant!!

It’s the BFG’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Mr BFG perhaps my favourite collaboration ‘tween those venerable old men Roald and Quentin, (do look at their websites: they are whimsical fun!).

Actually BFG is possibly my second favourite after Matilda, and The Witches and Henry Sugar… and who am I kidding right, how can one elevate one little bit of imaginative genius above another?

I first read and saw their work in the first novel I read independently: The Magic Finger. Quentin’s drawing were a revelation.  I fell in love with his itching twitching line. I understood it. I wanted to make drawings like that: drawings that wobbled with glee and did away with the restrictions of perfection.

The other illustrations I had previously enjoyed employed a lovely use of line: think  E.H Shepard for A.A Milne: but they were too dainty and too prim. Quentin somehow managed to be delightfully subversive and I loved him for that. So thanks Mr Blake and Mr Dahl for helping plant a seed that grew into the adult whose about to pass the joy down to her chillens. An adult who now often draws with an itching twitching line.

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