A red leaf

The other day I took this photo, that one above us. It reminded me of the book The Red Tree by Shaun Tan:

It’s a beautiful, haunting, picture book… I don’t know if I’d say a children’s book per see but Shaun is an artist/storyteller who sits in a weird genreless  arena. His work is enigmatic, sweet, melancholy and well, reminds me of  Pink Floyd songs. Last year he won an Oscar for The Lost Thing…. I still haven’t seen it! That’s disappointing.

Then today he popped up again, when I were flicked on Radio National he and Micheal Cathcart were talking.

I listened, I learnt, I enjoyed , you can too if you want… I’m off to potter about his gorgeous websites. Illustrators seem to make kick arse websites:

the radio:


the website:


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