In autumn I collect the seeds from the bottom of trees, the late blooming produce and words from old pages.

Last night I revisited a black A5 number and found these four pages. Typically I don’t hone my work. I start fresh on the page and it is either successful or not. However, looking at these I’m thinking I might need to change that approach. I might need to revisit these techniques and capture them more completely whilst still honoring the itchy twitchy line….or I just move on an enjoy them for what they are…….

On the pages I also found words: these are some of my favourites ……(as yet unedited)…(might never be)

Dreams would pin me to this bed,

if they existed in this empty head.

But all I have, and all I see

is the shimmering horizon of unease……


I like those words however there is something cliche holding them back.                                       

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