Progress #1

Disclaimer: today’s post is being created on the back of little sleep…you know the kind of little sleep that only comes from young babies and a family suffering gastro… the breast feeding, midnight sheet changing, brain numbed kind. The kind that leaves you biting the inside of your cheek or to quote my own facebook page ” so tired you cannot understand why everything has gone black…. until you realise your walking around with your eyes closed”.

This kind of tired can leave me flat and despite the fact that I have drawn the last three days..when ever I could, it leaves me feeling hollow and useless. One learns to ignore such deceitful bullshit feelings… JUST CALLING THEM OUT FOR WHAT THEY ARE FOLKS.. and if not power on, certainly wobble on.

Today I am wobbling by watching a few time lapse videos of drawings being created.

This could be dangerous, I’ll either be pumped, resigned or distraught at the end of it. Eh, it’s a risk I’m prepared to take: ya ready?

The critic in me has to include this qualifier in too: I’ll be completely honest because I am trying to do that where possible. The next three videos are of drawings and styles that aren’t my taste per se, ( I prefer other examples of their work).

How-so-ever THE SKILL these ever so talented ladies display…ahhh GASP. They are craftsmen of line and splodge.

I’d love to be able to watch these videos backwards: to DECONSTRUCT the work. Because then we could all remember the magic that happens between some people’s eyes, hands and a surface, a pencil and a brush- always begins with a single, boring stroke…

First here is Lily Mae with her squirrel on a porcelain heart from earlier this year…. I just enjoy watching the layers evolve. See I have been thinking about progress a lot lately and how some people’s work progresses in a lovely logical fashion…. and mine well that’s another post.

Next we have Bec Winnel another superbly talented Aussie Lass…and trust me folks there is this wonderful bevvy of Female Aussie Artists out there at the moment! It’s a renaissance I say! Joy and Stella and Grace would be so proud….

and lastly we have Silvia Pelissero aka Agnes-Cecile , like I said earlier GASP right… that shift from an untarnished surface to an image with depth and feeling created by each of these woman is magic.

So how do I feel now? Well, I have decided to ignore the pile of dishes and dive into the above pile of works in progress so that I can feel the dignity of being the artist I am rather than just blog about it… that is after I reassemble the textas my second son  deconstructed* yesterday and if the baby will let me….

* in case you were wondering to destruct a texta (or 16) one bites off the end and removes the spongy inky centre and carefully pulls out the nib……

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