Ranty Pants on…..

Be warned I have just put on my Ranty Pants! (they are a little tight with bright green glittery lightning bolts and studs poking viciously out from them…).

I think you’ll agree that this minor piece of idiocy warrants them

Lets set the scene: the other day I raided the supermarket specials bin and bought some Yoplait Strawberry yoghurt tubes for the boys. Last night as we gave one each to the boys for dessert my husband pointed to this inane writing on the side…

“All the flavour of being a girl”


Ok innuendo aside… cause the veers quickly into the territory of just plain wrong. What the hell are they saying? That strawberry flavoured dairy goods are just for girls? Is that because they are pink…? Seriously the whole thing is so stupidly farcical I am at a loss to explain it.

As I internally fumed at this piece of pathetic gender advertising I got to thinking about the way the world currently advertises gender to children.

I fumed because when I was growing up I, rather naively thought we would be past this shit…..

I fumed because who says who should get a monopoly on pink or fluffy or tough or rugged or STRAWBERRY!

I fumed because it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl or anywhere in between it’s up to you to decide if you identify with princesses or hero, cafe or trucks, hairsalons or spaceships. And it shouldnt be up to companies to decide where those boundaries lay.

Wohhoo for Advertising: limiting our children one slogan at a time.

And don’t, DON’T even get me started on the lack of female heroes available in any toy department… do you know how hard it is to make superhero outfits for your Barbies? or the fact that females are not included in boys toys ( do you know how many Harry Potter sets I have seen in LEGO that have Ron and Harry but no Hermoine?! They were a team!) boys should have the option of including female characters in their play… even if only because they want to save them.

Look kids should be able to explore and decide how they want to express themselves and what they want to play without their gender sending them down one aisle or the other… It is bad enough when it occurs in the department stores but now diary aisle too? C’mon.

I expect better. Ok, mildly uncomfortable and determinedly flashy Ranty Pants removed now….

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