There are times when I wish I could find words

to describe patterns that hang together just beyond the tip of my tongue

out of reach


Ideas, to big for little ol’ me to grapple with,

at least with any confidence or a internal nod of permission.

Today the Earth, the Southern Hemisphere, will witness again the TRANSIT OF VENUS, where we can, (sky permitting) watch the small shadow of Venus cross the orb we call the Sun.

An opportunity like this won’t occur again for 105 years.

It was to witness this astronomical event that Captain Cook fatefully headed south and thus “discovered” the Southern Continent.

This week the Queen of England celebrated her Diamond Jubilee.

Last week it was National Reconciliation Week.

Ten days ago it was National Sorry Day

Intersections, anniversaries, peoples, races; a planet and a sun.

Like I said concepts too big for me.

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