Walking somewhere special…..

When I first started taking my camera on my walks I worried

      that I was giving in to the fear of boredom

      that I was trying to pin beauty to a screen

      in the same way one may pin a butterfly to paper…..

 I needn’t have worried.

A an upturned unadulterated mushroom I nearly stood on

I feel like a child being lead by their magnifying glass on adventure.  Poking around in strange little worlds. Crawling on hands and knees. Finding so much so worthy of being found

Like one may explore rock pools with jeans rolled up past ankles and the salt crusting against calves. Here one finds a moss tufted microcosmos that prove faeries exist…right

The drive for a nice photo or something interesting to record makes me clamber, climb and tromp and even in my town of only 26 corners helps me find new ones. Last week or so I strode into this one… I wish my photos were more able to describe

More able to describe this glade of yellow struck by sun; singing in front of me, a carpet of yellow, scalloped, fallen ginkgo leaves with no footprints or tyre marks scathing their beauty. It was iridescent. It was wonderful. I blissed out.

Earlier that morning I had walked to the river to pick a lemon from a forgotten vegetable garden. I tossed the fruit into the air fingers loving the give and take of the waxy flesh.

Eyes splattered in bright morning sun when a flock of twenty red and green parrots flew past at shoulder height.

I am starting to suspect that where I live might be pretty special.

 So I took my children around that corner too

Wouldn’t you…….

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