hey there twenty year old you

There has been a few letters to 15 and 20 year old selves floating about my friend the interweb, (Hi Madeline and  Lily). I decided I couldn’t reason with a 15 year old me: she’d do what she’d do, but a letter to twenty something, yeah why not:

Dear twenty or so years old Amelia:

I just wanted to say that well, I’m glad

that you are there and I am here…

And, that I forgive you for your all your cock ups:

the big ones and the little ones,

most of them don’t matter,

just a bit of time wasting.

And the ones that did well,

like I said,

your there and  I’m here.

And I hope you can forgive me,

for not quite turning out as you expected,

I tried,

So did you.


Me, a decade or so on

PS: can you imagine 40 year old Amelia’s letter?

No doubt she’ll roll her eyes and say

‘get over yerselves ladies.

She’d have a point you know…..

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