This is

One of those my life is better than your life posts…

You know a blogging brag. A blag, if you will

Like when people instragram their food conquests

and then an empty, rather decimated and ugly plate

I don’t get that bit

but I don’t have to.

The world isn’t there, necessarily, for me to get.

This blag is in regards to

That rainbow.

The one that came out when I went for my first run in years the other day.

I took it to mean “good on you”, because when I say run I am using a very very loose definition of the word run… I wobble, stumble and heave for about thirty seconds then pant like a strangled donkey.

So, don’t be jealous of the view

I need it to get me from A to B.

The only thing I used to run for is trams, and we don’t have them here.

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