Camilias are much maligned




I know many people don’t like camellias.

And I can understand why

They can be brash and loud

They drop in a carpet of garish and rotting colour

I, at times, think of them of the Dame Edna of flowers

Loud and pink

And my friend’s dad refers to them as morning after flowers

… sure they looked attractive the night before but when you wake up the next day …


my appreciation for the camellia has changed since living here

I’ve come to think about it as a much maligned flower

During the drought their thick green leaves were a salve

They reminded one of moisture when little else did.

My garden has about 12 varieties…. only three are of the garish extravagant sort

The rest are more refined.

Neat and tidy as if they have been drawn with a spirograph

They are so contained

So neat

So geometrically elegant

I am in love.

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