Leaving Facebook

“My friend Peter Rojas said something the other day that felt like a punch in the gut.

He wrote on twitter “Most people disagree, but I think it’s important to not use services that you have issues with, even if they are free.”

That quote comes from Sean Bonner’s blog

I agree


For several months I’ve been uncomfortable with my relationship with Facebook

But there was so much good: I sold work and calendars, I knew my cousin’s birthdays, I made new friends, I could while away domestic winters with other stay at home mums. I met and befriended artists.

In a Nutshell

This was the final, camel-back- breaking straw:

I am leaving Zuckerberg’s Book because they censor photos of woman breastfeeding, labeling them offensive….

But host pages titled ’12 year old Sluts’ under the heading  “controversial humour” (I won’t go into the revolting nature of this site, I won’t)

and this: [Controversial Humour] Why did the person above me get raped? Because I was horny…..

and this: [Controversial Humour] Slapping Bitches, (with its so many funny photos of woman getting hit)….

and: [Controversial Humour] Urinating on sluts while they are passed out… are you laughing yet?

I can’t work with that world view.

So, after I’ve collected as many email addresses as possible and scoured my status updates for any that deserve keeping

I am a diarist after all

Then I go.

In other news:

Babies are growing:

Blossoms are springing:

Flowers are collected in vases,

soaking up food dye:

Paintings are going

Back and forth and back

and forth

So that I feel like the creative version of window wiper blades…..

create animated gif


  1. Swearycat says:

    I agree to a large extent. FB does have policies that I disagree with strongly. However allow some devil’s advocation: most goods/services/ideologies we subscribe to today have certain elements that we disagree with. Yet we persist with using them because we derive utility. The question is to what extent do those objectionable elements outweigh their utility? – for me, personally, FB has not breached that balance. For some it has, a judgement I fully respect.

    • ameliadraws says:

      Absolutely! and I am not naive enough to believe that the other social media I will go on to use is “pure” but just as you said i found the spot that tipped the balance for me. It was kinda nice to realise I DO have line in the sand. If the policies shifted my attitude would too.Ta muchly for weighing in as the internet blossoms I think these are discussions that need to occur as we define its role for each of us. x Amelia

  1. […] One of the things I am most grateful to Facebook […]

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