A Thankyou to My father and My Prime Minister

Most of my paid working life

Has been spent

On building sites

And behind bars.

Grubby places to work,

in all senses of the word.

I was always out numbered.

I was threatened

with violence and rape.

Asked to bend over.

Expected to perform.

Belittled and


often in the same breath.

I was intimidated, bullied and mocked

I was, most annoyingly, often not listened to.

Testicles speak louder then common fucking sense in some places

I always had to go the extra mile to prove that

I had as much right to my paycheck as the fellas.

I had to fight for equal pay.

I didn’t always win.

I had to differentiate my self from the behavior of other females,

Pretend I was more like a ‘man’.

At one point,

My nickname was iron jocks but,

I owned that

I earned that.

And I loved it.

I am tough, sassy, sharp tongued

I have endurance

And, to quote Betty White, the vagina for these jobs

Now there is much that I could tell you about my Dad

And why I love him

but right now I want to thank him


When it came defending my right

To stand up to any joker who thought I didn’t have the right

To labour on a building site,

To tell a man what to do,

To defend myself against any

Who questioned my usefulness,

My abillity,

My strength or My smarts

He was always behind me

Never in front

Never leading

Just nodding quietly and

I knew he had my back.

He wasn’t my champion,

He was a steadfast support.

He didn’t fight my battles

Because He knew I had the guts to do it myself

And he believed in me

Thank you Dad.

Thank you very fucking much.

You supported me in all my career choices:

Builders labourer,

Bar wench/iron jocks and


And on that note:

Thank you for all my beautiful texts sent from galleries around the world

Hi Meal's
I am in contemporary art museum in Berlin, some Lichenstein and Wharhol and others .
Always makes me think of you. Some is very abstract. Anyway hope you are well. 
I have enjoyed catching up with Lilly and Vincent.
See you when I'm back

“Hey Meals that is great news. I have seen art here that is on museums and I genuinely think your work is as visually pleasing and interesting as any. ( I will except Dali from this comparison)
Well my last day here and it is lovely and blue sky but quite crisp. Berlin in autumn. It has been very interesting and I look forward to chatting with you about it.”

And thank you Julia

Grubby politics aside

I saw a woman who meant every word


I punched the air afterwards because


Heard you

Felt you





  1. blue milk says:

    Lovely comment on the personal meaning of that speech for you.

    • ameliadraws says:

      Oh thank you very much, it was actually the first time I had put it all one place, I’d sort of never accounted for it before. ps: love your blog, avidly. x

  2. Sharyn says:

    Awesome, brilliant, love it. Came by you via The Hoopla : )

  3. Brand Panda says:

    Came via the Hoopla – thanks for sharing, that quote from Betty White is awesome!!!

  4. (Ms)Alex Baker says:

    Thank you for your empowering story to be shared on my Facebook page. Thanks also to our fiery PM. The feminists fire has be re-ignited and the shift for women to unite and stamp out the years of sexism is upon us.

    • ameliadraws says:

      Oh thank You i am very touched and it is great to see everyone discussing this openly without fear of being a whinger.

  5. Another via the hoopla… I love what you have written. I suspect most women will be nodding by line 2 or 3. I sure was. My profession has not often involved physical strength but the assumption that my breast size is somehow relevant to my ability has been a constant. I cheered when I watched the misogyny speech.

  6. I was inspired by this blog and Dear Misogynist to write my own – Dear Horny F*ck.
    Please read and share.
    I’ve put up / ignored all sorts of crap from guys expecting sex just because i’m out at night, or we are hanging out.
    I’m sick of it, and they need to know its not acceptable.

  7. Colleen Boyd says:

    loved reading this & I think most women can relate to everything you said.I feel a time has come for change I just hope women aren’t too afraid to speak up because this is why sexism is allowed to flourish, we don’t complain enough about it.

  8. Another visitor via The Hoopla! Fantastic piece, Amelia. My working life was spent behind bars and in mining (now I’m a mum and artist, too) – needless to say, I’ve had some ordinary experiences in my time. Thanks for sharing your story.

  9. Another visitor from the Hoopla. What a lovely post. so very powerful. Thank you for sharing it with the world!

  10. This is amazing Amelia. Sorry I missed it. But glad to find it now. I’m sharing it on RD Facebook page (which you can’t see now. hehe)

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