Tumblring Flattering Choices

I’ve had a tumblr account for a while now, not knowing what to do with it…

Tonight I loaded her up

Armed with gumption,

Thousands of photos and:

The desire to encompass

To avoid cliche but not to deny it

To avoid flattery but not to deny it

To avoid stereotype but not to deny it

To witness

To poke

To say this is, and

To surprise, perhaps, if I am lucky.

Just to not be dull.

Please tell me if it’s dull




  1. Swearycat says:

    wow you really pumped your tumblr with contents!
    which are you preferring at the moment?

    • ameliadraws says:

      I see them as two different mediums: the blog explores my art making: the happenings, thinking and factors that inform it. The tumblr is more of an art project in it’s own right a “theatre of intimacy” to pinch karen charlton’s phrase

  2. The Assembly of the Honest & Curious says:

    hey meals, glad to be connected again x love this photo! where can i find the rest of them? xxx c

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