What I Hate about Art

This is a quote highjacked from the Art News Blog

It is about a 2010 exhibition of Anthony Lister’s

I love Anthony’s raw, visceral, familiar, disturbing, abstracted art

LOVE IT, love it, love it

This quote says nothing, at least nothing that is understandable.

(I’ve highlighted the worst sentence, just so we are on the same page)

From the Lyons Wier Gallery blog here..
“Known in the Low Brow movement for his intriguing, playful hybrid of street art, expressionism, and cubism all manifested in non-traditional media such as spray paint; Lister’s new body of work shows the tongue-in-cheek frivolity of his earlier pieces developing (or decaying) into a more mature and disturbing direction. The deformities and un-done aesthetic resolve of Lister’s work provides viewers with a concretization of contemporary societies’ psyche – or, as the artist himself states, “making the obvious more, well, obvious”.”

For Fucks Sakes.

One of the reasons I quit my painting degree was that I could not stand the wank

When did art get highjacked?

When did society get told that art only belonged to one section and not another?

When did it get wrapped in a language I think half the people who speak it don’t even understand?

When did people with eyes and ears and hearts say I don’t like art-

Because they weren’t allowed to participate-

Because art didn’t like their sort?

This is why street art is so popular: it is accessible and no one is telling you how to digest it.

This is one of the reasons I love printmaking

It is affordable, inherently unelitist

And why I adore Kathe Kollwitz:

Her work was for everyone:

Beauty and passion for the people.

Grow up art world,

You elitist pack of wankers.

Your need to justify your existence with

unintelligible bullshit

Is one of the reasons the gallery system will die.


  1. Steven Lewis says:

    I know my reputation for borrowing is not what it should be — 😉 — but you’ve given me an idea.

    Up till now I’ve been fighting corporate jargon by showing plain English classes examples from their own area — business writing. I think now they might not be able to see it for what it is because they’re too close to it. I might start showing them art criticism because they, too, will think it’s wank, which might help the penny to drop that this is what people think of the way they write about business.

    • ameliadraws says:

      That is a good idea and i am happy to have sparked it…ah the internet blurring the boundaries ‘tween inspiration and borrowing 😉 A blogger i love coined the term blogging as the theatre of intimacy and now it’s the only way i can describe my tumblr project. I asked her permission to use it as a term ’cause it was going to become boring me referencing her every time i used it. I use it a lot. Ta for reading Steven

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