This is the best of everything that is mindboggling

and if like usb

you get a kick from being boggled do check out Minute Physics and Brain Pickings

Space,  drawn her in paintshop by 4 yr old Max,max space3

has really put on a show for us the last 12 months or so,

Or rather ticked some boxes-

On the checklist of milestones.

Minor moments humans considered important.

Little happenings in that immense expanse



There was the transit of Venus .

A full solar eclipse could be seen from the top bits of Australia;

The partial version from the road outside my house

Through a  neon green square on a welding mask

On my birthday. 2012 1190

Twas a birthday to eclipse all others (ok you can hate me for that)

Curiosity landed on Mars

Ebb and Flow, low on fuel

were crashed into the Moon.

and Voyager is crossing an edge of something, somewhere.

Which could be a metaphor, but isn’t.


And then there was the end of the world

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