On Cussing

I am a swearer.

Love it.
Love the fucking shit out of it.

I have been loving it, according to this old diary since I was nine:


‘Lilly poked Lewis in the eye. Bugger’

Lilly was two, Lewis a baby.


I was testing my words.
Tasting them.

Bugger still is a favorite.

And might be as close as  I get to nationalism…

When, as a teenager that Toyota ad came out,

I felt quietly vindicated

Vindicated in my right to swear.
The fight I fought, absent mindedly, despite





on one parentally desperate moment:

mouthfuls of soap

I wasn’t a rebel, just couldn’t see the fuss

Still can’t:
Neither can Stephen Fucking Fry.

So you know bloody vindi-freaking-cated


  1. tlf14 says:

    Tell it the fuck like it is…love your shit…you clever bugger!

  2. ameliadraws says:

    you spoil the shite outta me x

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