Tension is about the teeth

about discipline and sleep

I have 22 fillings


Loneliness is about the distance

between shallow distractions.

I have 10 fans


Obsession is about the mouse

clicking spangled jewels into patterns.

I have 96 000 points


Avoidance is about the bed

clenching time within sheets.

I have three hours


Passion is about the substitutes

foot massages and a glass of water

We have ten years


Patience is about the belly

involuntarily moving.

I am 36 weeks



  1. NDP says:

    ‘Obsession is about the mouse’ …I fear I may know what you mean…like it.

  2. tlf14 says:

    This remains the favourite for me. It covers a world of experience with so few adjectives…something I find near impossible as a writer. Gives me a heavy-chested shiver every time.

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