What is poetry? And why has it been around so long? … When you really feel it, a new part of you happens, or an old part is renewed, with surprise and delight at being what it is.

That is a quote:


You must read it.

After writing this post

I lucked upon a day that delivered 3 poems that skewered

In the fashion I enjoy

by: Claire Trevien

BFRYURvCcAAn2gD.jpg large

The Second by W.H.Auden20130316_200922

And the third by Mark Antony Owen:


And the third by  Like a jus of cum,
money slot piped in white icing,
where they pulled her from you still slices over

where I put her in.
Playing with myself, I trace it
on my own body with the tip of my cock;

run a semen stitch
on my abdomen as I lie
here numbed, dreaming of a way back into you.

Thank you poets:Thank you

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