When daunted – do something different

Take a wee look at: When daunted – do something different.

I am reblogging this mostly because I love that Lily Mae wrote: We all need validation, so please don’t give me the ‘artists are narcissist’ spiel – because that’s just bullshit

Many artists, (myself, Hazel Dooney, Lily Mae and everyone who ever made a self portrait) use the self to create art.

So what?

It is bad because….?

I have seen artists be criticised and even dismissed as being to self obsessed. Critique the artist yes and the work they produce. But based on the idea that they used the self? That I do not understand.

The self is the most intimate experience any artist and any human will have. Of course it should be explored.

Both to poke and explore the notion of what is self  and to use it as a focal point for a grander human narrative.

It is look at this human experience that I am sharing with you.

Do you recognise it?

Do you respond.

Did it provoke.

Of course some artists are narcissists. You know cause artists are human, so there is bound to be some cross over. But currently the western world is obsessed with the labeling things narcissistic and personally much of it reaks of generational pooh poohing.

They are narcissists cause they take selfies.. blah blah blah.

Again so what?

To my mind it seems perfectly reasonably to be infinitely interested in the face that you are most intimately connected with however get the least opportunity to observe.

And it is a very long bow from selfie to selfish. Which is, of course, the underlying implication of any accusation of narcissism.

Look as Lily Mae pointed out artists get very little validation.

We are often have to explain, justify and defend the work, the time, the lifestyle, the choice…the point.

This takes a level of determination that requires a strong sense of self.

Regularly enough, one has to do this is the face of mental illness,  the needs of others and financial stresses. It can suck.

It takes ego, but that ego isn’t necessarily excessive.

And would you expect someone to push through all that without a strong ego?

To expose themselves, their inner self with out a strong ego?


Get fucked.

Anyhow, that was an unexpected rant.

Here is what I did make today.

But be warned…. contains selfies: http://amelia-artist-poet.tumblr.com/

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  1. tlf14 says:

    YES. Well said!!!xx

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