when i compare that

to thisme better

I celebrate quietly.


Because the thick gloom of then is fading

Into that intangible place where the memory of dream goes.

And as, when I was deppressed my fingers couldn’t feel reality.

Now they struggle to describe the depth of exhaustion, the numbness, the hollowness

That was.

The one that lead me so close to a point… to point I struggle to admit too.

To a point that is now wrapped in some distant incomprehensible shape.

Incomprehensible in the same way that the millions of years between us and the dinosaurs is incomprehensible

Indescribable in the same way that the vastness between us and pluto is indescribable

So, I try to describe it before the dream fades

I try to tell others:

Get help. Sing out and be proud

Because extricating your self from the tricky tendrils of a brain misbehaving, of a brain that want’s to convince you that you are gutless, weak and spineleess. That you cannot do this thing called life and doing that in a society that sometimes unwittingly, ignorantly concurs.

That takes guts baby, be proud.

And there is help and support and this which describes it all better then I could


  1. Be proud of this post, it’s a good one!

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