Meanings and goodbyes

I have been reticent to discuss “The Meanings” in my works…

Often the works are fluid, stream of conscious pieces, responding to mood and tugging at only the edge of meaning…

Sometimes they are as ambiguous as can be to allow the viewer to bring their subjectivity to the fore

Sometimes… I just drew…colours and shapes I thought would work on the page

Sometimes the meaning is too private to share with you, chuckles…yes, I have some boundaries

Mostly, I like to leave ample space for the viewer to have their own experience, their own meaning.

Maybe I want to avoid being dictatorial, telling my viewer they are wrong… or maybe,

I lack the confidence to say THIS…it is THIS.

I don’t know.

Some people enjoy the ambiguous space

Others crave a solid meaning, a story perhaps.

Neither is right…or wrong….they just are viewpoints and valid

But, I decided a little while ago that as pieces sold…traveled to homes… I would try to document the work.


This piece is called the Feed the Birds

It is a simple little drawing that grew from my long love of the song:

And the idea that feeding birds is a simple act of love

And kindness

This is a piece that honours Simple Acts of Love,

This is a piece that honours Kindness


And now it heads to Switzerland which is immensely exciting.


  1. Briar says:

    I get that your work like that of many, is in fact a conversation in and of itself…and I love it for that.

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