The Life Model and Her Barber

The Life Model and the Bar

This piece was begun in a life drawing class, hosted in an artshop in Benalla. The owner of the artshop was a gorgeous, effervescent, bohemian woman. She dripped flare and sensuous confidence. There had been a male model organised to join the other two women posing but he’d reneged at the last minute…it was at this stage the lifemodel dragged in her husband.

He ran the barber shop next door. Tall with kind eyes and a slightly sad droopy face and a severe haircut and a slow awkward movements, he was a typical country man of few words and from what I could see a deep deep admiration of his wife.

As the lifemodel busied and bustled the barber into nudity and then poses, Julie, a neighbour and the woman I had driven 2 hours with to do this explained how The Barber had had a car crash two years ago and suffered massive head injuries. he posed…we drew… I saw nerves and determinantion.


Then he and his wife began posing for us together and I was touched by the ease and respect and the intimacy of their touch.

I tried to capture and represent those observations in this piece.


I am thrilled that this piece is heading to America, into the sweet arms of Jennifer.

She tweets as @jkstills and is lovely, witty tweeter. I recommend her timeline


The Life Model and her Barber

The Life Model and her Barber

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